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Project Partners

was launched in the framework of the 3rd Joint Call for Research and Development Proposals of
the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme and the 5th Joint Call for Research and Development
Proposals of the ERA-NET Bioenergy, entitled "Sustainable forest management and optimised use
of lignocellulosic resources – Bridging gaps between research disciplines, producers, consumers,
It comprises research teams from five European countries as well as stakeholders and farmers.

    1.  Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg
        (FVA), Freiburg, Germany.
Project Coordinator. 

    2.  Institute for Forest Growth (IWW), University of 
         Freiburg, Germany

    Both German project partners are sponsored by the 
    Federal Ministry of Research and Education 
    (BMBF). The project implementation and
    administration is provided by Project Management
    Jülich (PtJ).  
    3.  Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique
        (INRA), Montpellier, France
    INRA Montpellier is sponsored by the Ministère de 
    l'Agriculture, de l'Alimentation de la Peche, de la
    Ruralité, et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
    4.  Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca - Istituto di 
       Biologia Agroambientale e Forestale (CNR-IBAF), 
       Porano, Italy
    CNR-IBAF is sponsored by the Ministry of
    Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF).
    5.  Teagasc - Agriculture and Food Development
         Authority, Dublin, Ireland
    Teagasc is sponsored by the Department of
    Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
    6. Project Associate: Agri-Food and Biosciences
        Institute (AFBI), Crops Grassland and Ecology 
        Branch, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
    7.  Project Associate: Centre for Environmental Risks
         and Futures, Cranfield University, UK