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Experimental site in Northern Ireland: Two alley widths to test cherry
clones in combination with willow clones.

Planting of cherry and walnut trees at the borders of a short rotation
plantation of poplars in Bargau, Germany. .
Planting wild cherry trees and walnut trees on a field site in Kraichtal,
Field site with wild cherry as value timber trees and Paulownia tomentosa
as intercrop (Laufen, Germany).
Summer 2012
The same field site as in the pictures in the second row above. The
cherry and walnut trees next to the poplars have sprouted and grown.

Another site in Northern Ireland: Willow clones tested in combination
with established clones of poplar.

Impression of the 4th WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme Seminar
in collaboration with ERA-NET Bioenergy on the 07.-08.02.2012 in Helsinki. 
A row of valuable timber trees in a corn field. Next spring, the corn
will be replaced by poplar trees for SRC management.